Narrative Studios’ new site is in the works.

NARRATIVE IS A FULL SERVICE DESIGN STUDIO. We’re based in Columbus, Ohio, but we have clients all over the country. We’ve worked with clients both large and small on a wide range of projects, national household names as well as small businesses and startups. We have experience designing consumer products, graphic identities, environmental spaces, campaign strategies, and corporate marketing materials, and we’re always eager to try our hand at something new. No matter the medium, we believe in using the same approach.

WE BELIEVE ALL GOOD DESIGN TELLS A STORY. It’s about the underlying structure of communicating ideas, not just surface qualities; it deals with how something works and how it’s built much more than the aesthetics that follow from that. We work hard to create visual solutions that help our clients solve problems and stand out — Our approach isn’t about making things more attractive, it’s about making them more effective.

PUT US TO WORK. As you can see, we’re in the process of upgrading our site. So if you’d like to see examples of our work in action, learn more about what we might bring to your team, or inquire about our rates, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Can’t wait? Let’s talk.